Try ot our lunch menu system!


To try our system out you can log in to the administration area here: . Once you are there, you will find a login box where you use as username and guest as password.

To use menu

Then after you have clicked on all the fancy features in the admin area you can take a look at how the test-menu looks like this:

Lunchsystem - your new dynamic menu handling system

Exactly what you need and nothing more

Easy to implement on your website, an interface to add and remove things that is simple and easy to use. A system that does the job for you.

How does it work?

First you create an account then add the different kinds of lunches you serve, you then add those lunches to your menu. You only have to do the lunches one time then you can reuse them as many times as you want.

Whats special with lunchsystem?

It's a bit easier and a bit cheeper. We wanted to make a system that do not have incredible amounts of features, but instead just the features you need.

Who uses lunchsytem?

Smaller restaurants do not want to spend a ton of time and money in an over complecated system for their web, they just want to be able to show their customers what's on the menu.